About CDL University.

We are a world class truck training program in Oklahoma.

  • CDL University focuses on giving students the confidence they need to get their Commercial Driver’s License.
  • Our truck driving schools are different than the others across the country.
  • Our goal is to produce the best truck drivers in America.
  • We invest our time, money, and emotions into the student before classes even begin.
  • Our unique process is structured and streamlined to never fail a student.
  • 100% of our students get their Class A Commercial Driver’s License.
  • Our unique process is tested and proven.
  • We offer the best truck driving education and truck driving school experience possible.

Why? Come see us, and you’ll understand.

What is CDL University all about? Do I need Class A CDL training? Who are these people and why should I trust them for my CDL training? Read here to learn about CDL University and what makes us the right choice for your CDL instruction.

What is CDL University?

  • CDL University is an elite truck training school located in Oklahoma City and Boise.
  • Our classes take 4 weeks.
  • We help you get your permit before you start class.
  • Compared to other schools, we take it slow and easy, yet, together, we always get it done on time.

So, still want to know why to learn to drive a semi at CDL University? See below.

Why train with CDL University?

  • We offer the newest equipment to train on in the states of Oklahoma and Idaho;
  • State of the art simulators for increased drive training time, including training when the weather is bad;
  • Twenty (20) classes at eight (8) hours per session;
  • Small class sizes: strictly no more than 5 students per class;
  • Actual one-on-one time with instructors;
  • Native American funding to those who qualify;
  • PTDI (Professional Truck Driver Institute) accredited curriculum;
  • More campuses coming soon.

Where are we?

CDL University currently operates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.