8 Questions About Oklahoma CDL Permits

We answer 8 Questions About Oklahoma CDL Permits


8 Questions About Oklahoma CDL Permits

8 Questions About Oklahoma CDL Permits – CDL University LLC

Darin Miller, President of CDL University LLC, answers 8 questions about Oklahoma CDL Permits in the video below.

The following is a text transcription of the video above. It has been edited so that it is easier to read.

Darin Miller, CDL University.

Permit Class Begins Now.

Today, I have 8 questions up here on the board. If you’re lucky, I’ll do 9 questions. But, we’re going to talk today about what a permit is, alright?

1. What is a CDL Permit?

It is a permit license that you have to have to get into a truck with a licensed CDL instructor.

2. Who is required to get a CDL Permit?

Anyone that does not have a Class A Commercial Driver’s License. You must have it to get into a truck to learn to drive.

3. What tests do I need to take?

There are three tests. Those tests are:

  • General knowledge: it’s 50 questions;
  • Combination vehicle: it’s 25 questions;
  • Air Brakes: it’s 25 questions.

4. Where are the tests administered?

Listen to me closely: At your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles / Department of Public Safety (DPS)).

5. How much does it cost?

Get your checkbooks out baby. It’s $80.

6. Does CDL University LLC offer a permit class?

No. We have found that permit classes at schools waste thirty (30) hours of your drive time. We do not offer a permit class. But, we offer you a booklet, and give you great advice on how to do it.

7. Can I enroll in CDL University LLC without a CDL permit?

No you can’t. I just told you on the previous question.

8. Will CDL University LLC help me study?

Absolutely. We will give you the information when you come to enroll. We have the best booklet around. We have the best practice test around. We will help you study with it. We will give you the proper information and give you good direction on how to do it. When you go down [to take the CDL permit tests, if you pass them, it’s normal. If you fail them, it’s normal. If you fail them, you call us, we will set up a time to tutor you one-on-one with a professional instructor. You will pass your permit test. Come on down. Get your permit so you can get your CDL and get a fantastic job.

Class Dismissed.