8 Reasons Young People Should Become Truck Drivers


8 Reasons Young People Should Become Truck Drivers

It’s hard to decide what you want to do with your life. It’s even harder to get paid to do it. The old image of trucking is dead. Truckers today are expected to be drug-free, mobile, safe, and educated. You’ve probably imagined yourself seeing America. That’s one part of trucking that comes with the territory. The following are 8 reasons young people should become truck drivers.

1. Telematics

Telematics is the technology of sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices in conjunction with effecting control on remote objects. What are some practical applications of telematics?

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Trailer Tracking
  • Mobile data
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Container Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Carsharing
  • Emergency Vehicular Warning Systems
  • Misc. Intelligent Vehicle Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence Research
  • Big data

2. Mobile Applications

Modern software is ubiquitous. All of our devices are a part of a larger internet and companies divide their internet-connected client devices amongst their organizations to employees. Truck drivers are mobile businesses themselves. Truckers more than ever need to be able to use and understand a slew of mobile applications for logging miles, weight, navigating routes and trips, and countless other logistics related purposes. Younger people grew up using mobile apps and are naturally suited to the job. See our post here on some of the most popular software used in trucking here.

3. Last-Mile Delivery Model

The last-mile delivery model is a term used in supply-chain management to describe the movement of products and people from a hub to a final destination. It is a complex model that explains why the last part of a trip is often the most expensive. E-commerce and mobile technologies are forcing trucking companies to deliver goods more efficiently. Young people are uniquely fit to grow with and to transform our understanding of the Last-Mile Delivery Model.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Future truck drivers will need to understand a variety of technologies. Not the least of these will be cars filled with software loaded with artificial intelligence and self-driving cars relying on it.

5. Money

As will be discussed more below, new truck drivers can make more than $70,000 per year, easily. Truck drivers are in extremely high demand and companies everywhere are desperate to hire. Consumers demand products they purchase be delivered rapidly and in quality packaging. Gone are the days of waiting weeks and weeks for your order to arrive. Both the business and consumer worlds are becoming faster and more connected every day. This means bank for truck drivers.

6. Education

It’s getting harder than ever to receive a return on your investment on university tuition. Many would argue a certificate from a truck driving school such as CDL University is now as valuable as a diploma from a major university – and it only takes 4 weeks, not 4 years. Truck drivers earn in excess of $70,000 per year. According to Time, new college graduates make less than $50,000 per year.

7. E-commerce

More businesses are becoming mobile and many of these businesses are selling online. This means your business-savvy friends and neighbors now need Less than Truckload (LTL) access to ship furniture from their Shopify store. Prior to about 2015, it was unheard of for a mom-and-pop store to sell its goods all over the country. Now, it’s necessary for survival.

8. Early deaths of new companies

Companies like Amazon and new technologies are shrinking the average lifespan of a company from 61 years in 1955 to 17 years as of 2015. This means that although it may be easier than ever for entrepreneurs to hatch their brainchildren, its only getting harder and harder to keep them alive.