Brake Components


Brake Components

The parts of an Air Brake System

There are two fundamentals of driving: starting, and stopping. A truck’s air brake system is one of the two most fundamental of truck driving, and must be fully understood by our nation’s truck drivers to keep our roads safe. Many accidents can be prevented by a truck driver understanding the components of her air brake system, using her air brakes, inspecting her air brakes, and maintaining the air brake system.


Brakes leak. Brakes can lose pressure. Breaks can fade or fail. Trucks are heavy. So are trailers. They also travel at high rates of speed. These things can combine to form a disaster are on the road.


There are many elements to the air brake system. Here are a few:

Some Parts of an Air Brake System

1. Air Tanks and Drains

2. Air compressor

3. Alcohol Evaporator

4. Safety Relief Valve

5. Brake Pedal

6. Brake Drums

7. Brake Shoes

8. Brake Linings

9. Supply Pressure Gauges

10. Application Pressure Gauge

11. Emergency Brakes

12. Parking Brakes

13. Lights, Buzzers, and much, much more.

Antilock Braking Systems (ABS, antilock brakes)


What are anti-lock brakes?

This braking system serves to help the wheels of a truck maintain tractive contacty with the road surface according to a driver’s inputs while braking. The system exists to aid in the prevention of the truck’s wheels locking up and skidding.

All trucks tractors with air brakes built on or after March 1, 1997 are required to have Antilock Braking Systems installed. This is a regulatory requirement of the Department of Transportation.