Meet Remington: There’s a Dog on the Blog


Meet Remington

Dog on the Blog – Meet Remington – CDL University LLC

Every now and then we like to take a quick break (brake would be the pun here) from trucking and blog about other things going on around us: like dogs. It’s time to meet Remington. This dog on the blog is a pit bull, we believe, most likely an American Pit Bull Terrier or some mix thereof.

Meet Remington


Remington is the name of today’s dog on the blog. Remington, along with at least three other dogs, aggressively guards the business next door to CDL University LLC. We assume Remington is friendly to his owner(s), but after months of trying to get him to chill out a bit as we walk by, none of us have been able to quell his combative nature. He seems to have a tender heart somewhere beneath his mondo muscles, frame, and jowls.

Don’t Mess with Remington

He is constantly vigilant, contentious, and ready to throw down some pain on would-be intruders.

We salute you, Remington, as you guard the business next door like its Fort Knox. To you, it is Fort Knox, and that’s your job. We get it. Just please don’t hurt us.