New Training Truck – Electric Baby Blue Freightliner Cascadia

Newest Truck to the Training Fleet


New Training Truck

Electric Baby Blue Freightliner Cascadia – CDL University LLC

We have a new training truck at CDL University LLC! The student fleet is growing rapidly. This one is a beauty. Below are a few photos with brief descriptions. Note: Although we tried, the “electric” part of the color is something only the human eye can experience. It pops. Beleedat.

View from the back of the new training truck.

Here is a shot from the left side of the truck.

New Freightliner Training Truck at CDL University LLC – From the left side.

A few more cool things about this truck. It’s Verified Clean APS (Air Pollution Specialist), Clean Idle Time, and is an United States Environmental Protection Agency Certified SmartWay tractor.

At CDL University LLC, we care about how much pollution air trucks put in the air. This one is EPA an EPA Certified SmartWay tractor.

To see more of our training trucks, visit our blog frequently or just come by our Oklahoma City campus for a campus tour!