Pre-Trip Inspections with Dave

Our pre-trip inspections are one reason trucking companies love our graduates.


Pre-Trip Inspections with Dave

Pre-Trip Inspections with Dave – CDL University LLC

Today, we caught CDL instructor, Mr. David Austin, conducting what we are calling, pre-trip inspections with Dave. As you may have seen, students at CDL University LLC painstakingly go through pre-trip inspections with their fellow classmates and their instructor. Pre-trip inspections are vital to help ensure the safety of others on the road, among other things. This is one reason why trucking companies love the pre-trip inspections our students learn to do everyday at CDL University LLC.

Here are some photos of “Dave” working with his students at our campus in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

A student looks under the hood with Dave during pre-trip inspections.

We offer small class sizes, only.

All of our classes are designed to maximize your access to personal attention and one-on-one time with instructors. Of course, our small class sizes also mean you get more time driving a truck than any other school in Oklahoma. Period. But, that’s beside the point of this post. We are focused on pre-trip inspections.

Our small class sizes give students the ability to work with each other to learn the skills necessary to safely drive a truck as a professional truck driver.

Ready to learn to do a proper pre-trip inspection?

Got drivers that need to learn to do proper pre-trip inspections? Come see us, or contact us today. Our contact form takes about 10 seconds to fill out. We’ll get a hold of you to discuss your  CDL instruction with us at CDL University LLC.