Shipments Exceeding Capacity in Most Modes of Transportation


Shipments Exceeding Capacity in Most Modes of Transportation

Shipments Exceeding Capacity in Most Modes of Transportation – CDL University LLC

How does CDL University LLC fit into solving the problems related to shipments exceeding capacity? Freight companies need drivers, and those drivers need truck driving school. CDL University LLC is your best option in Oklahoma for Class A CDL training.

Jennifer Smith, of the Wall Street Journal, wrote a piece entitled, “Truckers Looking to Haul in Profits,” regarding the real and looming difficulties in the transportation and logistics and supply chain industries due to shipments exceeding capacity. She calls the current freight market,

“The most robust in a generation.”

Smith quotes an industry study demonstrating that brokers and trucking companies are taking advantage of high demand like never before.

An index of U.S. freight shipments by Cass Information Systems Inc. showed shipments by truck and rail rose 7.2% in June compared with the same month in 2017, with demand “exceeding capacity in most modes of transportation by a significant margin.”

What’s now becoming the usual story, America has a massive truck driver shortage. More truck drivers are needed to help the freight market stabilize back at least to its capacity.

You can help yourself and the U.S. and Oklahoma economies by becoming a truck driver. See this brochure from the Oklahoma Trucking Association. The first step to becoming an Oklahoma truck driver is getting your Oklahoma Commercial Driver’s License. Anymore, most companies require their drivers have their Class A CDL. Even if you think you can handle the physical and written portions of the CDL exams, most trucking companies want you to go to truck driving school prior to driving for them, and have options available to help you pay for training.

If you need a job in Oklahoma that pays well, becoming a trucker is likely your easiest, highest paying option right now. In most modes of transportation, shipments are exceeding capacity. Companies are paying premiums for drivers.

Come see us and get in a truck.