Trucking is Poetry


Trucking is Poetry

Trucking is Poetry – CDL University LLC

We at CDL University LLC believe that trucking is poetry. That old phrase, “Poetry in motion,” reminds us that what’s beautiful isn’t necessarily gonna stand still and wait for us to fall in love with it. Trucking is that sort of poetry in motion. For many drivers, life on the road is tough, rough, and unrewarding. For other truckers, life inside, outside, in and around a truck is like a dream — but, like many dreams, not without its challenges. A lot of the good in life comes from struggle, effort, and personal triumph. Truck driving gives so many people the opportunity to actually experience satisfaction in their lives — to see new places — to meet new people — nearly every day.

We could all use a bit more poetry in our lives.

See the piece by Tony Spiro of the Stratford Star that inspired us to post this blog entry.