Welcome to CDL University!


Any successful career starts with good training. With the help of CDL University, you will gain the skills to take on the future as one of America’s top truck drivers in just four weeks!

Where are we?

Located in Oklahoma City, our school is committed to helping you advance your career by providing innovative training courses and personal instruction to help you start working as a commercial truck driver.

We are rapidly opening new schools in Oklahoma and across the country. Our schools will always be dedicated to helping those who want to start a rewarding career without spending excessive time or money attending a formal university.

Who can get their Commercial Driver’s License?

There is no experience necessary to become a licensed commercial truck driver, and just about anyone can do it! Truck driving plays an invaluable role in the national economy, and companies are always hiring safe and qualified operators. With the will to succeed and the innovative training courses provided by our school, you can get your license and start earning up to six figures in as little as four short weeks.

Why should you choose CDL University?

We are your go-to school for commercial truck driver training at the lowest prices. You will leave CDL University feeling confident and prepared for a successful career in the transportation industry. We’re sure of it. Our mission is to provide thorough and innovative training courses that prepare new drivers in the Oklahoma City area to obtain their CDL license and start their career with confidence.

We will make sure you pass your CDL exams.

We will make sure you get a job.

What can I expect?

Our school provides 160 hours of instruction. Students will get 62 hours of classroom training and 28 hours of lab time in our cutting-edge simulators. In addition, each student spends over 70 hours behind the wheel driving a truck before graduating from the school.

How long does it take to finish the course?

You’ll be in the fast lane towards a truck driving career from CDLU, with training as short as 4 weeks.

Who teaches the classes?

CDL University is the proud home to professional, qualified instructors. Our instructors serve as the perfect educators and mentors to help get you the skills you need.

What about after I graduate?

Everyone knows about the extremely high demand for drivers in the U.S. – which means lots of jobs for you to choose from post-graduation. CDLU is here to work with you every step of the way and to help you pick the right opportunity.

What do the courses include?

    • Small class room sizes – 5:1 student to instructor ratio for all classes. This means every student gets the individual attention every student needs.
    • Flexible course structure – Enjoy multiple class blocks each day! We believe our flexible course structure helps students stay engaged, stimulated, and motivated.
    • Highly skilled instructors – All of our instructors are seasoned pros with decades of experience in the industry.
    • Commitment to your success – You can expect us to provide the highest level of commitment to your personal growth and success as a licensed commercial truck driver.
    • Becoming a truck driver is highly rewarding, but takes commitment to the training as a student. Together with CDLU you will be ready to pass your CDL exam with extreme confidence.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start making good, consistent money? Are you ready to spend four weeks of your time learning from the best CDL instructors around?

America needs CDL drivers now more than ever, and we are here to train them.

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