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Instructor Profile: Cindy Beeler, CDL Instructor, CDL University LLC

Cindy Beeler is a CDL Instructor at CDL University LLC in Oklahoma City. The following is her instructor profile, which contains some information related to her experiences in the trucking and truck driving school industries.

My love for semi-trucks began when I was about seven years old. My family and I lived right next door to a bona fide truck driver by the name of Tom Rucker. He was what we called a “Long Haul” driver. He would load me up in his truck occasionally and we would go to his trailer (approximately ten miles away). His wife would follow us and pick me up when he wasw all hooked up. Mr. Rucker would always bring me gifts back from his long road trips.

When I was in my twenties, I worked for a laundry. I drove a little panel-van and it was my job to pick up gym towels from the local schools. My boss here eventually asked me to get a Chauffeur’s License. A Chauffeur License was what we had before we had “Commercial Driver’s License” or what is commonly known now as, a CDL. One day, driving my Pinto car, I went to get my Chauffeur License. The examiner came outside to greet me and said, “Okay, let’s go.” He took me on the car route. When we returned, he told me I was the proud owner of a driver’s license. I told him thank you, but asked, “Do you mean I’m the proud owner of a Chauffeur’s License?” He looked back at his clipboard, smiled, and said, “Yes.” At this point, I still had no idea I would eventually become a truck driver.

I discovered some things about myself at this time. Several years later, I went through a divorce and its challenges had me wanting to run far away from home. I realized I could do so — and get paid for it, by going to Crowder College’s trucking school. Before I was accepted, though, I needed to find a trucking company that was willing to give me a job when I passed the program.

Tri State Motor Transit was my first job.  I hauled explosives, jet engines, and other hazardous materials. I worked at Tri State Motor Transit for approximately six months hauling these potentially dangerous materials.

My second job was for Contract Freight Inc., or CFI. I was a truck driver for CFI for over thirteen (13) years. I hauled anything that would fit inside of a dry van (48′ and 53′). I was a Truck Trainer at CFI and also helped with the Safety Department by contributing knowledge to the department and the public about the “No Zone,” which means the area containing the truck and trailer’s blind spots.

I also worked for Arrow Trucking, TNS Trucking, and have helped out for a few friends. I’ve helped my son get his business going by helping him develop the company and even by driving for him myself.

Eventually, I became a CDL Instructor at American Truck Training, leaving there to work at Redlands Community College, in El Reno, Oklahoma, where I met fellow CDL University LLC instructors Mr. Gary Rackliff and Mr. David Austin.

I’ve been teaching for over four years. I love to teach and give my students a good head start on their career in trucking. I believe trucking opens opportunities for many things in life, and my career in the industry has made me proud of who I am today. Trucking took me places I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see.