Trucking Companies Hiring CDL University Graduates!

Trucking Companies Hiring CDL University Graduates

Trucking companies want to hire our CDL graduates.

Trucking companies hiring CDL drivers want them to have gone to a top-notch truck driving school. This is one reason trucking companies are hiring CDL University graduates left and right. If you want to get your Oklahoma CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), call our truck driving school in Oklahoma City  and get started taking classes! Truck drivers can earn $72,000 per year or more! Start school now! 100% of our students get their CDL. We will help you pass your test and line you up with the trucking job of your future.

After completing your CDL training at CDL University and obtaining your Oklahoma CDL, you can expect to be hired. Here are some of the companies currently hiring CDL University graduates,

CDL-University-LLC-TMC-Trans-LogoTMC Trucking hires CDL University graduates.
CDL-University-LLC-Werner-Enterprises-LogoWerner Enterprises hires CDL University graduates.
CDL-University-LLC-US-Xpress-Inc-LogoU.S. Xpress, Inc. is hiring CDL University graduates.
CDL-University-LLC-Swift-Trans-LogoSwift Transportation is hiring CDL University graduates.
CDL-University-LLC-Melton-Truck-Lines-LogoMelton Truck Lines, Inc. is hiring CDL University graduates.
CDL-University-LLC-Freymiller-LogoFREYMILLER is hiring CDL University Graduates!

For a general list of fleets in Oklahoma, see this site or visit

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