Facebook Review by Karinna Fermin Olvera


Facebook Review by Karinna Fermin Olvera

Big thank you to Ms. Karinna Fermin Olvera, a student at CDL University LLC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for her thoughtful and kind words about her experiences thus far at our truck driving school. The following is what she had to say on our Facebook page recently,

Today is my last day of my third day in class. I have to say that the instructors are amazing! they have so much patience and they encouragement me so much because as a woman wanting to enter an industry where it’s male dominated, they’re actually very excited for a female to enter their school and get her CDL. my instructor Gary said something to Us that I will never forget. “Your CDL license is not given to you, it’s something that you have earned”. thank you CDLU for taking me in as a student. now I have three more weeks and tomorrow I get to drive!!!!

CDL University LLC strongly supports greater inclusion of women in the trucking industry, and all industries generally. We hope to be an enduring platform for the careers of future women truckers. We mention this both to bring attention to the need for more women drivers, and to highlight our appreciation for the words of Ms. Olvera above. We strive to include everyone at CDL University LLC, and treat everyone equally and fairly. We are strengthened in our resolve to help produce more women truckers. Thanks, Karinna!

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