Student Review by Anthony Barclay


Student Review by Anthony Barclay

June 25, 2018

Enrollment Date: May 29, 2018

Graduation Date: June 22, 2018

Received Commercial Driver’s License (CDL): June 25, 2018

The following is a transcription of the above Student Review by Anthony Barclay. The video was taken on June 25, 2018, at our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma campus, located at 2120 South Prospect Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73129. It has been transcribed to be depicted as accurately as possible, but has been edited so that it is easier to read. Please enjoy the full, unedited video testimonial above. If for some reason you cannot load the video, please click here to view it on YouTube.

David: What’s your name man?

Anthony: Anthony Barclay.

David: When did you start here?

Anthony: I started the day after Memorial Day.

David: When did you finish class?

Anthony: I finished class last Friday, which was, what was that, the 23rd? 22nd?

David: I think the 23rd… no the 22nd. I dunno, we’ll figure it out.

David: You got your CDL this morning? Or this afternoon?

Anthony: Yes, this morning.

David: How’d you do, do you feel like?

Anthony: I did good. I kept replaying everything I was taught with all my maneuvers and everything. I was focused on my lane position, my awareness, keeping my head turned… just being aware of everything.

David: Where did you take your test?

Anthony: I took it in Oklahoma City at DPS off Reno.

David: Before you got here, what made you want to go into truck driving?

Anthony: Well, I just had a daughter last year.

David: Congrats, I’m having one in November. First one.

Anthony: It was my first one too. I’d been working for the city. It was a good gig, but I just wasn’t making enough money. So, I wanted to try to improve my pay and this is where it took me.

David: When you started class, were you nervous at all about getting in the truck, had you driven a truck?

Anthony: I had never driven a truck. Never driven a manual transmission. Everything was new to me. Definitely strengthened my leg on the clutch brake.

David: That’s awesome

David: I guess what were some of the things you liked about the program, some of the things you didn’t like, whatever you thought about the whole process.

Anthony: What I liked the most is that the instructors here… you can tell that they truly care. Darin and Brian do a great job of initiating the whole process. And then, Gary, David, Cindy, and Bruce.. I have to give a lot of props to Bruce, because he was my main instructor and he had patience enough to pull me through… just going over the same steps over and over. It all paid off. So, I can’t be nothing but thankful that I had the good staff that you guys have.

David: Was there any particular part of the exam that you were worried about passing, like the backing or anything like that?

Anthony: Well, we actually didn’t get to the training on the alley dock / 90 until the last week, the week before. That was the only manuever I was kind of worried about. But, by the end of the week, I had it.

David: Did you like the class? Did you like the other students? Did you guys get along well?

Anthony: Definitely, definitely. We had a good cast of students. We all supported one another. We all had that same goal – getting a CDL. So, we did our best to stick together.

David: Do you feel like we prepared you well enough to take the test?

Anthony: Definitely, definitely. Actually, I feel like the courses that we took in the training were probably more difficult than the actual test itself.

David: Gotcha.

David: Alright man, what are you gonna do now?

Anthony: Go get a job. I’m gonna get a job, start making money and start supporting my family.

David: Do you know what kind of driving you want to do? Do you want to do Over-the-Road?

Anthony: Well, right now, I’m open to anything. I do have a daughter, so, if I can get something more local, it’d help out. But, right now, I’m just trying to get my foot in the door, get some experience, and kind get me some options.

David: Did any of these guys talk to you about trying to help you find a job?

Anthony: Definitely. I’m actually gonna come back tomorrow to talk to Brian. He’s going to help me get a job… maybe local, but there’s a lot of different opportunities he was telling me about. They [CDL University LLC] bring in recruiters almost every week. You get an opportunity to hear the pitches from each of these companies. Nice companies. So, definitely.

David: I appreciate it Anthony. Is it ok if we use this on Facebook and stuff?

Anthony: Yes sir.

David: Alright man, thanks a lot. I appreciate it. And best of luck!

Anthony: No problem. Thank you.

End of transcription.

This has been a CDL University LLC Student Review by Mr. Anthony Barclay, one of CDL University LLC’s most recent graduates and one of Oklahoma’s newest truck drivers. For more of our student reviews, click or tap here!