Student Review by Brittany Franklin


Student Review by Brittany Franklin

June 18, 2018

Enrollment Date: May 21, 2018

Graduation Date: June 16, 2018

Received Commercial Driver’s License: June 18, 2018

Total Time: 28 Days.

“I had no doubt that everyone was gonna pass. I could see it. It’s just a thing – everyone passes here.” – Brittany Franklin, Oklahoma Truck Driver

The following is a transcription of the above Student Review by Brittany Franklin. She is being filmed and interviewed by David Blair of CDL University LLC. It has been transcribed to be depicted as accurately as possible, but has been edited so that it is easier to read. Please enjoy the full, unedited video testimonial above.

David: We’re here today with Brittany Franklin who got her CDL this morning, is that right?

Brittany: Yeah, this morning, like, literally 10 minutes ago!

David: Where did you get it?

Brittany: At the Del City DPS office.

David: How’d it go?

Brittany: It [her Class A Oklahoma CDL test] was real easy. Everybody walks in… since the first day [of class], [and thinks] oh, well, the school’s standards are way up here, and the actual test is…right here.

David: Is that how you felt coming in?

Brittany: Well, I thought maybe they were exaggerating. I didn’t take it like, no, they’re right. You know.

David: When did you start school here?

Brittany: May 21.

David: 2018? And when did you finish?

Brittany: Umm hmm. A couple of days ago, two days ago.

David: June 16, 2018. How did you like the process when you came in and went through the program? What were some of the things you liked, didn’t like…?

Brittany: Well, I really liked the teachers. Bruce and David and Gary all have different teaching methods that are all very effective. They all have different teaching styles. So, that really helps, for one, because it’s not just one person saying, okay, you have to do it like this, and if you don’t get it… there’s not another teacher. Gary was really good. Gary, he had me prepped for every possible thing I could possibly see on the road. Ever. So, he was like, okay, well this is how you do it. And, I could finally do it, for one.

David: He’s meticulous.

Brittany: He is very meticulous. And, Bruce helped me with my shifting, because, I’d never driven a standard or a stickshift or anything.  David helped me with my backing. I can do all that. I can do all six maneuvers with no problem. It was great.

David: Do you feel like they [the instructors at CDL University LLC] helped you with your nerves at all? Or, were you nervous? Some people aren’t nervous.

Brittany: Yeah, because, I hadn’t realized how nervous I was. When I walked in like, I’m gonna pass, I had that kind of mentality almost the entire way through. If I don’t pass this first time, I’ve still got two other chances. So, I walked in like okay, I’m gonna pass. You learn everything the way you’re supposed to, they tell you how to do it, because that’s a helpful way to learn. I knew I was going to pass. So I did. I did, however, almost cry when he actually told me that I passed!

David: I bet, what was the.. what do they call the guys that do the testing? What’s their title? The testing officer? Was he real strict or laid back do you feel like?

Brittany: Some officer’s name. Yeah. I feel he was just the most relaxed….it felt like he was one of the teachers here. Just very relaxed, kind of a chill dude. He was talking to one of his trainees watching me do everything and he said, “Look she did that right so… ok so we’re gonna check the other side.. she did it perfectly.. she got six inches.. nothing to worry about.” He said, “let’s get in the truck and drive.” I thought, “Oh really? I passed!” The main thing I was worried about was the 90 degree.

David: That had to be a good feeling. I imagine anyway. How long is the truck and the trailer? I know it varies.

Brittany: The trailer is 48′, and the tractor itself, I think, I dunno 12′ maybe 15′, I can’t remember.

David: So, like 60 some feet that you’re responsible for, backing up, at a 90 degree angle! That’s insane! But you were able to do that?

Brittany: Well, I didn’t have the 90, I had one of the ones I was really good at! I had another, so that was even better!

David: Do you feel like you could have done the 90?

Brittany: I could have yeah.

David: Did you get practice doing the 90 and stuff?

Brittany: Oh, yeah! We spent the last week almost solely doing the 90. That was the one everybody said, “We can do the other ones.” So we would run through each of them once at the beginning of the day, and spend the rest practicing [the 90].

David: So you guys just went out there and grinded on the 90?

Brittany: Yeah, just over and over. We got to watch each other. Critique each other. We actually timed ourselves doing the pre-trip inspection, making sure we were under 10 minutes for each section, so we would pass, making sure we had enough time [to complete each section/the test].

David: Sounds like you guys had it down to a science. For me, that would make me feel really happy, knowing you have that confidence, you know. You’re getting school out of school.

Brittany: YEAH! Because you DO get that confidence. You know, okay, I can do that one in two minutes, I can do this one in four, so if you do mess up, you know you have time to fix it rather than just sit there and panic. We did it, we time it, so we have that peace of mind. It was encouraging. One day they asked us what we were doing and we said, “We’re timing ourselves,” and they [the instructor(s)] said, “Yeah, go ahead and do it. That’s a great idea! Do it over and over!” So we did. Because you really do only have ten minutes. So you need to know how long it takes for you to do each section.

David: So you felt like you and the students worked together and got along pretty well?

Brittany: Oh yeah, super fun to spend time with. I will say this, there were some days when the AC (Air Conditioner) wasn’t working and I wasn’t that happy. But my classmates were really nice. They were really helpful.

David: I can understand that completely!

Brittany: Some of them (Brittany’s fellow classmates) came from other companies that were helping pay for their school. Another guy didn’t. He had a grant to help him pay for it like I did. Just different circumstances. But you all have the same common goal. We did help each other. Maybe you’re turning a bit too soon. Maybe you should look both ways before you go through an intersection! Different stuff to remind each other so that the next time we did it, we were better. That helps.

David: One thing want to do, or are trying to do, is give people a sense of pride coming out of here. We want them to feel like an alumni. Our mission is to produce the best truckers in America. That’s what we want to do. We want everyone that comes out of here doing the best job doing what you do on the road that you possibly can. To the highest standard. To our standards, you know. Do you feel like you’re going to be able to take that sense with you in the future?

Brittany: Oh yeah, yes. They really… the teachers here… I can understand now that when I heard a comment that you guys [CDL University LLC] recruit your teachers to make sure you have the best of the best. And I see it. I see it in the other students. I had no doubt that everyone was gonna pass. I could see it. It’s just a thing – everyone passes here. So I could think, okay, well I’m gonna pass. I’m getting that same instruction. I got good classmates. We all have good learning tools around us. We have a pre-trip book. We have the actual textbook that we can read. We have PLENTY of time to practice. I promise you. Even if it feels like you don’t, you do. And they say you learn so much when you watch others.. you really do. You do.

David: That’s Darin if you haven’t seen him in the other videos…

Darin: Congratulations! Brittany is awesome!”

David: She is, Brittany is awesome!”

Brittany: He’s [Darin] the one that gave me the manual to study so I could take my permit test. Passed that in one go. He called one day and said he saw I was interested in the school. You need to come down here so I can talk to you. Come down here so we can work this out. A week later I got my permit [from studying] the book he gave me. It never felt like I didn’t know something. I was more than prepared to do every single thing. Nothing was a shock or a surprise or anything. I felt like I got this. Nothing to worry about, I know how to do everything, and I passed!

This is my certificate and this is my thing that I take to show that I passed [my CDL test].

He [Brittany’s Testing Officer] said, “Well, you missed a gear, but you recovered. You didn’t impede traffic.. He was like, I counted your points, you got an 80, you passed!”

David: So what are you gonna do now?

Brittany: I’m gonna go work for Werner. I called them literally before I left DPS. I called and said, “Hey, I just passed, I’m gonna go get my license.” So they said, “That’s great! When would you like to start?” I told them I could start Friday. They said they would see me then!

David: How cool. That’s exciting. So you’re ready to start work! What kind of driving you gonna do? What are you gonna haul?

Brittany: I have no idea. I want to do over-the-road. They said they’re going to give me an automatic truck. I can’t shift. I mean I can shift well enough to pass the test, and shift well enough not to kill people, but I can do it well enough yet to where I’m fully comfortable because I’d never done it before! And so, they said, “Yeah, we’ll give you an automatic. You’ll have 4 weeks of training and then you’ll just go.” So I’ll get to see the whole country and get paid for it!

David: How great is that to get to see the country? That would be my biggest thing, personally, you know besides the money and job security.

Brittany: I’m really glad. I was seriously looking for a different career. I was a customer service girl. “Hi, my name is Brittany, how can I help you.” I did it for six years. It’s not my favorite. So I was looking for something different. I thought, maybe I should be a welder so I could travel… and then I saw an Ad for CDL University on the computer and thought.. I know truckers make good money and then Darin calls me… and now I’m a trucker. A month ago I was not, I was in a customer service job that I hated. It wasn’t… It was a desk job. I’m not meant to be behind a desk.

David: You want to be outside. Go see stuff. Different things every day.

Brittany: Darin [Miller] though, he’s a good salesman. He’s the most charismatic person I’ve ever met. Thank God for him. Without him, I wouldn’t have chosen this school. Wouldn’t have done it.

David: Darin’s a good guy. When you meet guys like him that are real charismatic you know, most of the time, you think, there’s gotta be something wrong with him, but he’s like, to the core, a genuinely good person.

Brittany: He really, genuinely cares. He wants you to do well. I walked in [this morning] and he said, “You made my day passing,” and I’m like really, thank you.. and you genuinely believe it because he means it. He genuinely means it.

David: Yeah, he’ll probably be talking and bragging about it all week.

Brittany: He should be, because I passed everything on the first try. I’m proud!

David: I’ll let you get out of here and get on. You’re cool with us putting this online like on Facebook?

Brittany: Oh yeah, go ahead.

David: You got anything to say to our friends on Facebook?

Brittany: If you really have a desk job and it’s not your favorite thing, try something different. The worst thing that can happen is you take the test a couple of times, you’re a trucker, you make good money, and decide well maybe I want to do something different? You can always do something different. But, this [being a trucker] is a great start to doing something different. It is something different.

End of Transcription

This was a student review given by a real CDL University LLC graduate. Like all of our reviews, this review was given voluntarily by the student. The student was not compensated or asked to say anything one way or the other. To see other student reviews, click or tap here.