Student Review by Jared Ingram II



Student Review by Jared Ingram II

Handwritten Letter from Mr. Jared Ingram II

The following is a handwritten letter written by one of our proud student graduates, Mr. Jared Ingram II. In case you have difficulty reading the letter, we have provided a typed transcription of Mr. Ingram’s letter in this post. We wish Jared the absolute best in his new career at NitroTech, LLC, and can’t wait to see him riding wheelies at Texas Motor Speedway soon!

The letter reads as follows:

July 1, 2018

To the CDL University,

Thank you for helping me get a CDL. I start work as a Truck Driver tomorrow at NitroTech, LLC.

I would like to give a special thanks to Gary Rackliff and Bruce Davidson for their expertise and guidance. Also, Cindy was special, too. 🙂

Overall, the experience at CDL University was one of the most productive and beneficial I have ever had.

I can now have a job that pays well and do work that I like to do: drive one of the best machines ever made – a Diesel Big-Rig Truck.

I will also be working on riding wheelies on a Harley-Davidson next summer with a goal of riding wheelies for the pre-race entertainment at NASCAR races at Texas Raceway.

Thanks again,

Jared Ingram II