Student Review by Phillip Fisher

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Student Review by Phillip Fisher

Student Review by Phillip Fisher – CDL University LLC.

The following is a student review by Phillip Fisher, at the Oklahoma City campus of CDL University LLC, given July 16, 2018. Mr. Phillips received his Oklahoma Class A Commercial Driver’s License on July 16, 2018, the same day of his graduation from our program. He plans to drive for Altus Sand and Gravel in Altus, Oklahoma, or to take another job offer hauling cottonseed in Altus, Oklahoma.

The following is a transcription of the above Student Review by Phillip Fisher. It has been transcribed as accurately as possible, but some unnecessary words have been removed to make it easier to read. Please enjoy.

David: We’re here with one of our most recent graduates, you said your name is Phillip, sir?

Phillip: Yes, Phillip Fisher.

David: Do you know when you started school here, Phillip?

Phillip: Memorial Day weekend.

David: Memorial Day weekend, okay. And you got your CDL this morning?

Phillip: Yeah.

David: Okay, what is today, the 16th? Yeah. Okay, well, what are you gonna do now?

Phillip: I’m gonna find me a truck driving job. I already got a couple of offers, now I just need to decide which [job offer] one I’m going to take.

David: Had you ever been a truck driver before, or done anything similar?

Phillip: No sir.

David: What made you want to become a truck driver?

Phillip: I’m tired of manual labor.

David: I hear that.

Phillip: Tired of running a shovel.

David: You want to do like over-the-road? Is that what you’re wanting to do?

Phillip: I’m gonna do local for a little while. Local first. I may wanna do over-the-road later.

David: Who all have you talked to if you don’t mind me asking?

Phillip: I’ve got a job offer in Altus, for Altus Sand and Gravel. I have another job offer for hauling cottonseed.

David: What made you want to come to our school?

Phillip: My uncle told me that I could get a Pell Grant for it. I didn’t know that I could get a Pell Grant through the unemployment office. So I went up there to the Oklahoma unemployment office.

David: Here in the city?

Phillip: In Altus, Oklahoma.

David: Oh, in Altus. From Atlus. You’re coming in from all the way from Altus? What kind of drive is that?

Phillip: 2.5 hours.

David: Wow, 2.5? I figured it was even longer. I knew a girl from Altus. You got a lot of Air Force people down there right?

Phillip: Yeah, we’ve got that big Air Force base. Altus Air Force Base.

David: Yeah, that’s right, okay. So what did you think of the school?

Phillip: I thought it was great. Everybody was patient. They teach what you need to know.

David: Who’d you work with the most? Bruce? Bruce and Cindy?

Phillip: Bruce and Cindy.

David: How’d they do? What do you think?

Phillip: They did great. As far as I’m concerned, they did great.

David: Would you want us to improve on anything? Anything you didn’t like?

Phillip: No, you all made the time for me to come back in on Saturday when I needed to. It was all good.

David: Gotcha. Any advice for anybody else that might be wanting to get their CDL, and go through the program?

Phillip: If you want to do it, if you want to go to school and do it, this is a good school to do it. They’re very patient. They teach you everything you need to know.

David: We appreciate it Phillip!

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