Student Testimonial – Lisa Foster


CDL University is a truck driving school located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is a video student  testimonial of one of CDL University’s April, 2018, graduates, Ms. Lisa Foster. The video was recorded in the offices of CDL University, at the OKC campus, on April 23, 2018. We have left it unedited. Please enjoy.

Below are some transcribed and paraphrased highlights of the video.

[David, CDL University]: We’re with Lisa Foster, right? You started school on March 19, 2018, and finished on April 13, 2018, right?

[Lisa Foster]: Yes, the 13th was the last day of class.

[David, CDL University]: You said you heard about us through Werner, is that right?

[Lisa Foster]: Yeah, I’ve been contacting some OTR (Over the Road) companies and they’ve been contacting me, because I’ve been keeping my options opened on every end… even though I have the grants… through DRS. Anyway, I guess Werner contacted Darin [Miller] and Darin [Miller] contacted me.

[Brian, CDL University]: Could you tell us a little about your experience at CDL University?

[Lisa Foster]: I loved it. Absolutely. I was comfortable. I’m not gonna lie, at first when I started class, I was kind of intimidated. I grew up around trucks, but never behind the wheel. Once I got in, it was a blast.

[Brian, CDL University]: Who were your trainers?

[Lisa Foster]: I had David [Austin] and Bruce [Davidson] (twice). David is a very good trainer and I liked and enjoyed him.

[Brian, CDL University]: Did you have any issues with any of the training?

[Lisa Foster]: No. We got in the truck a little sooner than expected, but it gave us more drive time. David asked me, “Are you more nervous about getting in the truck, or is it more excitement?” When he put it like that, I realized it was more excitement [than nerves].

[David, CDL University]: Do you have any advice for people thinking about getting their CDL’s and aren’t real sure about what to do?

[Lisa Foster]: If you want it, come down here. These guys put ‘em right through it and make you feel comfortable.

Lisa Foster received her CDL on April 23, 2018, and plans to start hauling frac sand in Oklahoma.